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As we age, our bodies undergo changes, and our eyelids are no exception. Our eyelids are susceptible to a variety of environmental and age-related conditions which range from being a mild nuisance to being potentially life threatening. The team at Malouf Eye Center is fully equipped to handle routine eyelid surgeries, such as chalazion excisions and lesion biopsies.

Chalazion Excision

A chalazion, sometimes referred to as a "stye," is a bump on the eyelid caused by a clogged oil gland. These bumps are very common and can affect almost anyone at any age. A chalazion is not harmful, but can sometimes appear similar to cancerous lesions of the eyelid, so a proper evaluation is important. Most chalazions will go away on their own. Often times, we prescribe eye drops or ointments to help with this. When medications fail, we also offer a variety of minimally invasive procedures to cure the problem. These procedures are done from an interior approach so that there will be no incision or scars on the outside of the eyelid, maintaining a pristine cosmetic approach.

Eyelid Lesion Biopsies

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. There are various risk factors that are associated with this condition, but most commonly increased age, sun exposure and skin type are the biggest culprits. During your complete exam, the eyelids are always thoroughly evaluated for any concerning lesions. If found, we may recommend a biopsy to help aid in the diagnosis when a suspicious lesion is present. 

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